Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Prof. Chaves to Visit and Lecture in Shanghai University, China

Jonathan Chaves, Professor of Chinese of Department of East Asian Languages and Literatures, has been invited to visit Shanghai University, China. Prof. Chaves is going to give three lectures. See details below.


题目:《吴历的绘画与书法》On Wuli’s Painting and Calligraphy in the Context of Chinese Art History

The lecture on Wu Li would be delivered in Chinese, and would introduce his painting and calligraphy, placing him in the context of Chinese art history. It will be argued that there is no Western influence in his painting, despite claims to the contrary by some scholars. His poetry will then be discussed, in the context of the Jesuits using poetry as part of their evangelization. Wu Li's Christian poems will be analyzed in some detail and Chinese texts handed out to the audience.


4月13日上午10:00 A602B, 《论中国诗歌的韵律及其英译》On Chinese Poem’s rhyme and its English Translation: case study on Zhangji

The lecture would address the question in particular of rhyme and why English translators have avoided it. My recent book on Zhang Ji, Cloud Gate Song, of which Prof. Dong has a copy, is the first to attempt rhymed translations which track the rhyme-schemes of the originals. This lecture will be delivered in English but with some Chinese as well, as needed.

5月25日上午10:00 A602B,《欧美研究中国文学史的现状与反思》

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