Monday, February 14, 2011

Teach English & Study Mandarin in Shenzhen

(Opportunity for Chinese majors and non-Chinese majors)

Teach English & Study Mandarin in Shenzhen

Spend a year teaching English and learning Chinese in Shenzhen. This large, well-established, government-sponsored program is now in its 14th year. Shenzhen is a Mandarin-speaking city. It is the only program of its kind.

Preparatory training at Peking University includes the TEFL in China Certificate training and Mandarin classes (4 levels available) in August. Teach English September - June in a Shenzhen public school, and continue your study of Mandarin in our own courses, taught by Shenzhen University faculty.

Salary, housing, and contract bonus

Housing & tours during the training

On-Site Coordinators

Airline tickets reimbursed

Paid 3-week vacation Jan/Feb

Requirements: College degree (by July 2011), native speaker of English with citizenship USA / Canada / UK / Ireland / Australia / New Zealand

All majors are welcome. Teaching experience is not required. Prior study of Chinese is not required.

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