Tuesday, September 27, 2011

ACC Fulbright Scholarships Available for Spring 2012

Students who are interested in applying for the ACC Spring term and are interested in a Fulbright scholarship or international travel funds, please contact the ACC office at acchina@hamilton.edu immediately. For downloading the application forms for the ACC Spring term and scholarships, please visit www.hamilton.edu/china.

The Fulbright scholarship requires applicants to be a US citizen, must sign an agreement with ACC, and carry out a community service during the program.

Important dates for the ACC Spring Term Application:
· Fulbright Scholarships: $2000-$6000: Application deadline: 10/15/2011
· International travel aid: $600-$1400: Application deadline: 10/15/2011
· ACC Spring term application deadline: October 15th, 2011

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

GW Winners' Speeches Published in China!

We are happy to announce that following GW's sweep of the Chinese Bridge Competition (汉语桥演讲比赛) last spring (for the preliminary round at the Washington site), the winners, Tim Quinn and Caleb Dependahl, had their speeches published recently in 中国语言生活,an online magazine by The Commercial Press (商务印书馆)! The Commercial Press was founded in 1897 and continues to be one of the top, most well-respected publishers in all of China. It is quite an achievement for anyone to be published by The Commercial Press, and we are more than proud of Tim and Caleb! Congratulations! Also many thanks to Dr. Xiaoning Chen, our Visiting Fellow from China, who has contributed to the success of the two winners and initially recommended the speeches to the Chinese publisher.

Follow the link below to view the magzine and our winners'speeches:


GWU to Hold the First Jiangsu Cup Chinese Speech Contest in Fall 2011

GW is going to hold the first Jiangsu Cup Chinese Speech Contest in fall 2011! This is a collaborative event co-sponsored by Jiangsu International Culture Exchange Center and Nanjing University, China. Students will have the opportunity to win a sizable scholarship to study in China (M.A. degree or short term) or a free 8-day cultural tour of Jiangsu, China in summer 2012!

Information about the contest is available online at:

Interested GW students (undergrads) should get a Chinese teacher's recommendation first. Then they can enter the preliminary competition at the following site. Candidates will be asked to write an essay online (three paragraphs) and record a self-introduction (2-3minutes). The online preliminary competition will be open 9/22-9/30 at the following site:

Jiangsu Cup --GW Preliminary Competition

If you have questions please contact Zhang laoshi at