Thursday, October 9, 2008

New class

Dear Students,

Having examined the diverse needs of our students, we have redesigned the second semester of First Year Chinese (Spring 2009) in order to ensure a teaching and learning environment that will address each student's specific needs in a fair and equitable manner. If your ability in speaking and listening is ahead of your reading and writing; for example, if you have studied or lived in China, or if you took more than a year of Chinese in high school, or if you are a heritage learner and speak Chinese at home but can write only a small number of characters, you should consider the following option:

Register for the lecture section CHIN 002 sec.10 (CRN: 40139) for accelerated reading and writing, and one of the following drill sections, CHIN002.30 or CHIN 002.36. We will use the same textbook but place greater emphasis on reading and writing.

Please feel free to contact Chang laoshi ( to discuss any concerns.

Lecture class
CHIN 002.10 (CRN: 40139) TR 9:35-10:50am in Gelman B01A

Drill class
CHIN002.30 (CRN: 43020) MW 9:35-10:25am in Gelman B01A
CHIN002.36 (CRN: 47274)MW 11:10-12pm in Bell 105

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