Monday, October 20, 2008

internship opportunities in Bejing and Shanghai

For students who might be interested in doing a spring, summer or fallsemester in Beijing or Shanghai:International Arts and Artists, located in Dupont Circle and foundedin 1995, and the China Studies Institute, founded in 1998, arearranging for American students to complete internships and classes inChina. IA&A is offering in conjunction with the China StudiesInstitute the China Internships Program, a combination of aninternship and two classes in Beijing Shanghai.Program alum Sumita Ghosh will be offering a question and answersession at IA&A's Hillyer Art Space Day: Monday, October 20, 2008Time: 11:30AM until 12:45pmAdmittance: FreeWho: Students interested in studying or interning in Shanghai or Beijing in 2009Where: 9 HIllyer Court NW, near intersection of Mass. Ave NW and Florida Ave NW
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