Monday, May 24, 2010

Chinese Major to Go to China as a Princeton-in-Asia Fellow

Elizabeth Heller
Chinese major

As a graduate of the Columbian College at GW with a major in Chinese, I am so glad to have the opportunity to return to Beijing, where I studied abroad last year. I will be a 2010-2011 Princeton-in-Asia fellow working for a non-profit organization called the JUMP! Foundation. I recently attended orientation at Princeton University where I met over 100 other fellows who will be teaching at schools and universities or working in the fields of journalism, international development and business in seventeen Asian countries. In my fellowship next year, I look forward to combining my studies of Chinese language and culture and the skills I gained interning at two non-profits in DC. If you would like to read more about Princeton-in-Asia, you can visit, and if you would like to read my blog that I will be keeping in Beijing, you can find it at I'd like to thank Professor Jonathan Chaves, my academic advisor and professor in the Chinese department, for making my experience at GW so great!

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