Tuesday, March 11, 2008

HSK information

HSK Organizer and Certificate Issuer  

The CNCCPT Office and the HSK Center of BLCU (Beijing Language and Culture University) are both in charge of the HSK affairs.

The HSK Test  

To be admitted to the test room, every examinee will be required to present his or her admission ticket and a photo-bearing ID (U.S. Driver’s License, ID card, passport, or a residence permit). No candidates will be allowed to enter the test room without the afore-mentioned two evidences. The candidates whose admission ticket is missing can only be admitted to the test room after the ticket is reissued (with handling charges). Tape recorders, cameras, dictionaries, notebooks, textbooks, and other unnecessary objects are not allowed in the room. Mobile phones shall be switched off and put away, and all bags will be placed at an area designated by the exam coordinators.   

Candidates arriving five minutes late (from the start of the listening comprehension test) may be admitted to the testing room and begin the test right away. If examinees are 5 to 35 minutes late for the test, they may not start until the next section begins, and no extra test time is to be offset for late arrivals. 35 minutes after the beginning of the exam, no candidates will be admitted to the test room.

Things to note during the test

  (1)Once in the test room, candidates shall put the admission ticket and the ID item on the upper right corner of the desk for inspection. All the activities of the candidates are subject to the instructions of the supervisor.   

(2)Duration for HSK (Basic – Beginning) is about 135 minutes; HSK (Elementary-Intermediate) about 145 minutes without break; and HSK (Advanced) about 180 minutes with a break after the written test. In principle, candidates shall not leave the test room during the course of the test. If so under some exceptional circumstances, the candidate shall gain the permission from the supervisor.   

(3)HSK has strict control of the time limits for each section of the test, and candidates shall answer the corresponding test questions within a given time period and avoid jumping to the later sections or turning back to the previous ones during the test.

  (4)Candidates shall not take the test papers or answer sheets out of the room, or tear apart, replace, or copy the contents of the test.

  (5)Candidates shall abide by the test instructions and rules and those who violate the rules will be warned and not even allowed to continue the test by the organizer.

(6) No hats, pagers, beepers, watches with alarms, access to book bags, etc. during the test.

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