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Taiwan Language Scholarship Newsrelease

News Release
2008 Ministry of Education Huayu Enrichment Scholarship

To encourage international students and individuals to undertake Mandarin study in Taiwan, the Ministry of Education of the Republic of China (Taiwan) established the “Ministry of Education Huayu Enrichment Scholarship.” Focused primarily on providing opportunities to study Mandarin language and the culture of Taiwan at university and college-affiliated Mandarin training centers, this program aims to:
a. Contribute to a better command of the Mandarin language, and hence a greater understanding and appreciation of Taiwan’s culture.
b. Promote friendship between Taiwan and the United States.
c. Explore opportunities to increase exchanges with international educational institutions.

Information about the scholarship is as follows:

Duration : The following are four options for a recipient to choose from, regarding the award periods:
Once awarded, scholarship recipients will be allowed to choose an award period of
 One year
 Nine months
 Six months
 Three months

Award recipients may also select an award period of two months, if his/her intended Mandarin training center offers two-month sessions.
Annual award periods are from September 1st through August 31st. If a recipient fails to arrive in Taiwan to study during this period, his/her award status will be cancelled and cannot be extended for another year. If recipients begin their studies after the study term/quarter starts, their award period will become effective from the month they arrive in Taiwan to matriculate at their individual Mandarin training centers. Whether beginning in September or later, the award period ends in August.

Award Benefits:
A monthly stipend of NT$25,000.00(NT$32.5=U.S. $1, subject to change)
Important Dates:
Application Receipt Deadline: March 15, 2008
Award Notification : late April 2008---At that time, recommended candidates will receive a letter from the Cultural Division at TECRO. After receiving the final notification from TECRO, awardees should apply to a university with an approved Mandarin Language Training Center.(see attached list)

Eligibility Requirement:
An applicant must meet all of the following criteria:

a. Possesses a record of excellent academic performance and is of good moral character.
b. Does not hold the Republic of China (Taiwan) nationality.
c. Does not have the status of an overseas Chinese student.
d. Is not a current student at either a Mandarin training center or university/college in Taiwan.
e. Is not an exchange student in accordance with a cooperation agreement between an international university/college and an educational institute in Taiwan, at the time of receiving a HES scholarship.
f. Has not previously received an award under this scholarship program or the Scholarship Program of Taiwan.
g. Is not a current recipient of a scholarship or subsidy being offered by any of the government or educational institutions in Taiwan.
h. Is a full-time undergraduate or graduate student at an institution of higher education in Alabama、Delaware、Maryland、Florida、Georgia、Kentucky、North Carolina、South Carolina、Tennessee、Virginia or the District of Columbia.
I. Possesses a GPA of at least 3.0 on a 4-point scale.
J. Possesses sufficient Chinese language proficiency in speaking and listening to be able to satisfy basic survival needs and maintain a very limited conversation on familiar topics; sufficient comprehension to read very simple related written material in a form equivalent to usual printing and typescript.
Health: A student selected for Scholarship is required to have a pre-departure medical examination, the result of which must indicate that the awardee is physically and psychologically healthy. This examination must include a test for infectious diseases including the HIV virus . Recommended candidates will be instructed where to send
exam results after award notification.
Cost Sharing: Scholarship recipients are responsible for all housing, tuition fees, health insurance and travel costs.

Application Checklist: The following completed documents are required before the application can be processed:

 Completed application form
 Proof of highest level of schooling attained and transcript
 Proof of application to an eligible Taiwan university or language center
 Study plan (statement of intent)
 Two (2) letters of recommendation
 Photocopy of applicant’s passport
Each participant should submit application form along with supporting documents to the Cultural Division of TECRO ( 4201 Wisconsin Avenue, N.W. #20,Washington, DC 20016-2137 ) before March 15, 2008. To download the application form , please visit or contact Ms. Hai-ying Shen,(Tel: 202-895-1925, Fax: 202-895-1922 , E-mail: to request that an application be sent.

Chinese Language Center List (華語中心一覽表)

地區 中文機構名稱 成立時間 通訊地址 電話號碼

區 國立台灣師範大學
Center for Chinese Language and Culture Studies
1956年 台北市106和平東路一段162 號
162 Hoping East Road, Sec. 1 Taipei, Taiwan, ROC Tel : 886-2-2321-8457
Tel : 886-2-2391-4248
FAX : 886-2-2341-8431

Center of International Education & Exchange (IEE)
2004年 台北市文山區指南路二段64號
64, Section 2, Zhi-nan Road, Wenshan District, Taipei 116, Taiwan, ROC Tel: +886-2-29393091 ext. 62040, 67141
Fax: +886-2-29399850

College of Continuing Education, Chinese Language Program
1991年 台北市106金華街199巷5號
No5,Ln,199,Kinhwa St.,
Taipei, Taiwan, R.O.C.
Tel:886-2-2321-6320 ext.39 or 52

Mandarin Learning Center
1992年 台北市106建國南路二段231號
4F, 231,Sec.2, Chien-Kuo S. Rd., Taipei, Taiwan, R.O.C.
Tel: 886-2-27005858 ext.8131 or 8132
Fax: 886-2-27069121 or 886-2-27075312

International Chinese Language Program (ICLP)
1999年 台北市辛亥路2段170號4樓
P.O. Box 13-204,Taipei,106.Taiwan Tel:886-2-23639123

Chinese Language Division Language Center
2F, Language Building, No.170 , Sec.2, XinHai Rd, Taipei,Taiwan, 106. R.O.C. TEL:886-2-2362-8180 ext.222

語言中心 (華語學習中心)

Fu Jen Catholic University Language Center
1964年 台北縣新莊市中正路510號
N0.510 Chung Cheng Rd.
Hsinchuang,Taipei,Taiwan 24205,ROC Tel:(02)2903-1111
Chinese Language Instruction Center
2001年 260宜蘭市中山路257號
No.257 Sec. 3 Zhungshan Rd.,
Ilan City,Taiwan 260 Tel:(03)931-3343
Language Center
2003年 320中壢市中大路300號
NO.300,Jungda Rd.,Jhongli City,
Yaoyuan,Taiwan 320

Tel:(03)422-7151 ext.3800 or 3803
ncu3802@ ncu. edu. tw

Mandarin Studies and Culture Center
2002年 111台北市中山北路五段250號
B203, 250 Chung Shan N. Rd. Sec.5, Taipei 111 Taiwan Tel: +886-2-2882-4564 ext 2395 or 2747

National Chiao Tung
University Chinese
Language Center 2005年 30010新竹市大學路1001號
1001 Ta Hsueh Road, Hsinchu, Taiwan 30010 Tel: +886-3-5131231

Chung Hua
University Chinese
Language Center 2004年 新竹市香山區東香里六鄰五福路二段707號
WuFU Rd.,Hsinchu Taiwan 30000
Fax: (03)886-3-5373771
Kainan Chinese
Language Center 2006年 台北市中正區濟南路一段6號
Office of International Programs and Services
Kainan University
No. 1 Kainan Road
Luchu, Taoyuan County

Tel.: +886-3-341-2500, ext 1021


Northern Taiwan Institute Of Science & Technology - Mandarin Language Center
2006年 台北市112北投區學園路2號
No. 2, Xueyuan Rd., Peitou, 112 Taipei, Taiwan, R.O.C.

Tel:(02)2891-0145 Ext.2710,2720
FAX :(02)2896-5951

區 逢甲大學
Language Center, Chinese Division
1975年 台中市西屯區文華路100號
PO Box 25-202, Xitun 407 Taichung, Taiwan R.O.C. Tel:886-4-2451 7250 Ext. 5871, 5872, 5875 , 5876
Fax:886-4-2451 0243

Chinese Language Center
1971年 台中市407西屯區東海大學898信箱
NO.181 Sec3,Taichungkang Rd.,
Taichung,Taiwan 407

Natinal Chung Hsing University
Chinese Language Center
2006年 台中市南區國光路250號
250,Kuo Kuang Rd.,
Tel: 886-6-2740715
Tel: 886-6-2757575 ext. 52040
Fax: 886-6-2740715

Mandarin Studies and Culture Center
1996年 台中縣沙鹿鎮433中棲路200號
200, Chungchi Rd.,
Shalu, Taichung County, Taiwan 433, Tel:886-4-26328001 ext.12041 , 12042

南部地區 國立成功大學
College of Liberal Arts, Chinese Language Center
1982年 台南市701大學路1號
1 Ta-Hsue Road
Tainan City 701, Taiwan
Tel: 886-6-2740715
Tel: 886-6-2757575 ext. 52040
Fax: 886-6-2740715

Southern Taiwan University of
Technology 2006年 台南縣永康市南台街1號
No.1,Nantai St,Yung-Kang City,Tainan Taiwan 710 Roc
Tel: 886-6-2533131ext.6010
Fax: 886-6-3010067

National Sun Yat-sen University
Chinese Language Center
1997年 高雄市804鼓山區蓮海路70號
70 Lian-hai Rd. 80424 Kaohsiung, Taiwan TEL:886-7-5252000 EXT.3030/3031 FAX:886-7-5253039

Center of Chinese Language
2002年 高雄市807三民區民族一路900號
900 Mintsu 1st Road, Kaohsiung 807, Taiwan, R.O.C. Tel:886+7+3426031 ext 3303, 3302

National Kaohsiung Normal University,
Center for Chinese Language and Culture Studies

2006年 高雄市芩雅區和平一路116號
No.116, Hoping 1 st Rd. , Lingya District, 802, Kaohsiung , Taiwan , R.O.C. Tel:(07)7172930 Ext. 2524
Fax: 07-7166896

Chinese Language Center at National University of Kaohsiung.
2006年 高雄市楠梓區高雄大學路700號
Na-Tzu District,Kaohsiung 811,Taiwan Tel:(07)5919261
Fax:( 07)5919258
National Pingtung University of Education
Center for Chinese Language and Culture Studies
2006年 屏東市林森路1號

No.1 Rd. , Ming-shen Rd.,
Pingtung , Taiwan Tel:(08)7226141 Ext.2639
Fax: 07-7166896
東部地區 慈濟大學
Chinese Language Teaching Center
2003年 970 花蓮市中央路三段701號
No701. Sec3 ,Chung Yang Rd.
Hualien ,Taiwan 970
TEL:(03)856-5301 ext.7689 . . .

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